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Spectrum Realty Group Corp.  (“Spectrum Realty Group”) is a leading California-based commercial real estate firm, specializing in the representation of office and industrial tenants and investors throughout California, Nevada, and Colorado. Founded in 2016, our culture is based on an unparalleled commitment to integrity and service excellence for our clients, and the desire to put our name and reputation on the line with every assignment we undertake.

Our performance is driven by our people and our culture. We are strategic thinkers, time-tested stewards, innovative problem-solvers, and straight shooters. Because we view each client as an individual, we create custom-made solutions to fit their needs, providing the support, advice and technical knowledge required for every specific situation to ensure successful outcome.

Our mission is to represent our tenant and investor clients, comprehensively and compassionately, with no landlord-driven influence or bias, to achieve superior results. This ensures zero conflicts of interest, as our sole duty is always to act in our clients’ best interests.

We are privileged to partner with you and want to thank you for considering Spectrum Realty Group for your commercial real estate needs.

Principal of Spectrum Realty Group

Core Values


We believe that everyone deserves to compete on a level playing field.


We are smart enough to know that the best solution isn’t always the most obvious one.


We are passionately committed to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of our goals.


We inspire our fellow team members and work collectively in the pursuit of excellence.


We are keepers of valuable industry knowledge and purveyors of practical insight.


We are steadfast in our commitment to protect the financial security of those we serve.



We help clients lease, buy and build commercial space. We’re committed to helping tenants leverage ever-changing market conditions to secure the ultimate workplace environment for their employees.


We exclusively represent tenants who lease, purchase, and build facilities for their own use with no landlord-driven influence or bias.


By exclusively focusing on tenants, this ensures zero conflicts of interest, as our sole duty is to act in our clients’ best interests.


We represent you. Not your landlord. We will help you find the right space so you can focus on what matters most—running a successful business.


We negotiate business terms and lease documents that provide our clients the maximum flexibility.


We manage every aspect of the real estate transaction. Our attention to detail takes our clients to the finish line with no surprise, no mistakes.


As tenant advocates, minimizing our clients’ real estate expense is in our DNA.


No matter how large or small your need might be, we are here to help, long after the deal is closed.

We advise office tenants considering renewing a lease, seeking additional space or considering a move to a new location. We analyze clients’ current needs and plans for the future, and identify the suitable options in the local market. We then serve as aggressive advocate for our clients, negotiating the best possible terms and conditions with owners and landlords.

We advise warehouse, distribution and manufacturing tenants in their search for suitable business locatin, as well as current tenants considering a renewal, an expansion or a move to a new location. We identify the suitable options and serve as an aggressive advocate for our clients, negotiating the best possible terms and conditions with owners and landlords.

From the determination of your retail store’s property requirements, to locating the best location for your retail store, to assisting you through the lease, lease renewal or lease termination negotiations, SRG will work for you and your needs.


With a deep understanding of our clients’ missions and brand, we work relentlessly to create unique opportunities and point of leverage to support their real estate and business goals.


We offer a full range of tenant advisory services and are committed to providing the best solutions & results to our clients.

  • Tenant or owner/user representation
  • Renewal/Expansions/Lease Restructures
  • Space Needs Assessments
  • Lease vs. Purchase Evaluation
  • Land/Site Selection
  • Property Due Diligence/Sustainability
  • Transaction & Financial Structuring


SRG’s project management is formulated to save time, control costs, mitigate risk, resolve conflict, and maintain our ability to keep everything on schedule.

  • Program Development
  • Budget Development
  • Schedule Development
  • Procurement
  • Design Administration
  • Project Closeout/Move Coordination


With our lease administration services and software to manage your portfolio, your costs are reduced, savings are accrued, mistakes are prevented, and regulations are complied with.

  • Reduce Occupancy Costs
  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Risk Management
  • Lease Abstraction
  • Lease Audit


Timely, relevant market intelligence to enhance your leverage during economic incentive negotiations and minimize risks of falling out of compliance.

  • Enterprise Zone Programs
  • Sales & Use Tax Refunds
  • Utility Rate Incentives
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Real Estate & Property Tax Abatements


Create the perfect customized workplace to boost business performance. Enhance company’s mission, brand, employee satisfaction and increase space utilization.

  • Design & Architectural Consultation
  • Planning and Redevelopment
  • Landlord Assessment
  • Consolidation
  • Reduce Occupancy Costs


Subleases, assign or even terminate your lease and realign your office space with your business plan.

  • Sublease or Sale
  • Lease Terminations
  • Downsizing
  • Relocation
  • Consolidation


Our team supports each client with the dedicated resources necessary to strategically evaluate, analyze and execute its space requirements


Understand your business objectives, space needs, and budgetary constraints to meet your desired outcome.


Identify real estate solutions that meet your geographic and financial requirements, and engage the market with respect to your specific requirements.


SGR engages the market with respect to the client’s unique requirements in order to maximize landlord competition.


Narrow alternatives and assess all deal points and ancillary issues.


Leverage Market Knowledge and competition to achieve most favorable lease term.


Ensure the lease document contains all the promised terms, without deal erosion, and continue to manage consultants and interact with the landlord as the tenant’s advocate from construction until move in.


Reliability and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. As your investment partner, our objective is to create value for you.
To balance risk and return. To exceed your expectations. To maintain the highest levels of trust and integrity while we do it.


Our exclusive tenant focus eliminates any conflict of interest when representing our clients.


We harness the wisdom and judgment that decades of experience brings to deliver winning results for our clients.


From ensuring you are in the right amount of space to making construction dollars go further, we make sure your project comes in on-budget and on-time.


We represent both blue-chip and entrepreneurial investors and tenants and we serve each one with the same fidelity and attentiveness.


We are committed to building enduring relationship so that we can serve your long-term interests, and not merely complete a transaction, collect a fee and move on.

Our People Make Us Great

Our goal is to be the master of everything we do, while continuing to grow, evolve, and push towards excellence.

Michael Vasoghi


Mr. Michael Vasoghi serves as the principal of Spectrum Realty Group Corp. (“SRG”), a Newport Beach-based commercial real estate brokerage firm, specializing in the representation of office and industrial tenants and investors. Michael’s background includes over 18 years of broad and diverse real estate experience. A proven track record in sales and marketing which includes leasing, land sales, building sales, development, built-to- suite, ground leases, project management, and zoning entitlements. As a proven and trusted real estate advocate, Michael calls upon the wisdom and experience gained during thousands of negotiations to advise his clients when making the important decisions required to control occupancy cost and avoid undue risk. Michael’s ability to cultivate relationships gives him unique access to the market and enable him to effectively negotiate on behalf of his clients.

A creative problem solver, Michael is committed to providing the best quality real estate service in the industry and strives to keep his clients aware of the changing trends through intensive market research and effective communication. Tenacity, creative problem solving, patience, accountability and a genuine love for the business gives Michael a uniquely competitive edge in the brokerage community. Michael’s methodology and philosophical approach to service incorporate the hallmarks of honesty, diligence and professionalism through demonstration of the following attributes:
Reliability and consistency
Market knowledge and anticipation of trends
Organizational adaptability
Creativity and implementation skills
Responsiveness and timeliness
Winning attitude

Today having been involved in over 1,000 real estate transactions, Michael’s experience has provided him insight into the financial and operational aspects of companies to better understand the needs of owners, users and investors in commercial real estate. His clients spanning a spectrum of industries including, insurance, financial, professional services, printing services, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, technology, and medical services.

Michael has been very active in the local community, supporting and volunteering his time for a number of organizations, including OC United Way, Project Access, and Youth Employment Services.

Farideh Rahmani

Vice President OF SRG

Ms. Farideh Rahmani has been in commercial real estate business since 2005. With a varied background and diversified experience that includes owning, managing, and operating different businesses, she has developed an in-depth understanding of the real estate industry. During the course of her career, Farideh has gained extensive experience and market knowledge to identify client goals and implement strategic real estate plans that enable the clients to make beneficial real estate decisions with certainty.

Farideh will analyze her clients’ business objectives and help to match them with the optimal Real Estate solution (Purchase, Lease, Sales, and Investment Sales analysis). She assists in the strategic planning of her clients’ requirements and works toward the seamless implementation of their specific goals and objectives, continually reviewing the plan to manage the process in the most time-efficient manner. As a result, the client receives superior market knowledge and significant economic savings.

Farideh demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment on every assignment. Her work ethic and high level of service provides her clients with the reassurance that they are being well represented. Spectrum Realty Group’s resources, combined with the office’s in-depth research capabilities and cutting-edge technology, enables Farideh to offer her clients the highest level of service in the industry.

A philanthropist by nature and a humanitarian to the core, Farideh has been volunteering and participating in a range of activities contributing to her local community and society.

It is our unwavering belief that people matter

So we partner with causes that strengthen our local communities and give back through, charitable and volunteer work.


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